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Scratch and Guess Logo

开发 BrainVM Games

Play Scratch & Guess Logo, the first game ever where you can have fun while answering the scratched results from the image.You will scratch your favorite logos from world famous brands, companies, sport clubs, organizations and guess their names.
There is reward of coins and stars for each correct answers.•Earn stars to unlock new levels!•Earn coins to buy hints!•Earn free coins with Tapjoy offers
Also you can ask your friend for help, while you play.
We put smart scratching technique.If you scratch the logo, you will receive less coins. If you scratch around the logo, you will receive more coins.

• 5 Different packs (more coming soon) >>Internet & technology (Open) >>World Brands 1 (Open) - Brands, Companies, Organizations logos... >>World Brands 2(Open) - Brands, Companies, Organizations logos... >>Sport (Open) - NBA, NHL, NFL, Football Clubs logos... >>Music (Open) - Famous Bands Logos and Musician Logos...
• Daily hint bonus - your loyalty will be awarded with 3 free hints every day• Many levels in the packs (frequently updates)• Hints for help (You can buy with earned coins)• Accuracy meter• Reset pack
If you like logo quiz games this app is for you
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All logos shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations.The use of the low resolution images is only for identification and fair use purposes